Whether to show Flutter icons and colors in the editor gutter. Can be installed in Nvim with :LspInstall sqlls, https://github.com/sumneko/lua-language-server. dart.triggerSignatureHelpAutomatically: boolean. Some configs may define additional server-specific functions, e.g. (unstable). : ["ShadowedName","MissingTypeDeclaration"], List of codegen targets to pass to the compiler for rebuild. I have toyed with neovim for a while as a long time vim user and decided to make the switch proper. Enable verbose logging of nimsuggest to use profile directory. It doesn't finish jumping to the definition in the current file until the preview window is already open. If true will run flow on every edit, otherwise will run only when changes are saved (Note: 'useLSP: true' only supports syntax errors), (Supported only when useLSP: false) If true will display flow status is the statusbar, If true will show uncovered code by default. Use LspInstall als to install it. Default: "spago build --purs-args --json-errors", Build command to use with arguments. 1. Not passed to shell. https://clang.llvm.org/extra/clangd/Installation.html. This option requires restart to take effect. clangd relies on a JSON compilation database specified The minimum threshold that triggers warnings about cyclomatic complexity. as compile_commands.json or, for simpler projects, a compile_flags.txt. Whether to automatically update imports when moving or renaming files. Pass `null` for not using such a folder at all. and macOS using :LspInstall. Show error/warning for not passing declared props to child components and show error for passing wrongly typed interpolation expressions, https://github.com/redhat-developer/yaml-language-server. SpaceVim runtime log : [ SpaceVim ] : logger file does not exists, only log for current process will be shown! Updated (2020-09-14): update lsp config to reflect the latest changes and add more plugins. 1. xclip The path to your elm executable. The maximum number of global search (ie, Ctrl+P + #foo) search results to report. Failed : to support +python, you need run pip2 install neovim. Files matched by the regexes should not be indexed on initialization. The protocol to use for the Dart Debug Extension backend service. Can be something on the $PATH or a path to an executable itself. vetur.format.defaultFormatter.css: enum { "none", "prettier" }, vetur.format.defaultFormatter.html: enum { "none", "prettyhtml", "js-beautify-html", "prettier" }, vetur.format.defaultFormatter.js: enum { "none", "prettier", "prettier-eslint", "vscode-typescript" }, vetur.format.defaultFormatter.less: enum { "none", "prettier" }, Default formatter for